White Kenmore 1.2 cf microwave. The clock runs very fast, but otherwise it works fine.
Halloween Decoration. New but has a crack. Has attached extension cord to place a little bulb inside. About 1 1/2 foot tall...plastic. Pick up in Golf Mill Mall area.
We had bought these tiles to replace broken ones in our tub but we realized they didn't match very well. Black and white. 29 tiles per sheet. 5 sheets and a handful of detached tiles. Pick up in Golf Mill mall area.
We found this stored in my grandmother's apartment and don't believe this was ever used. I think it's what is called a memory foam topper but it's encased completely in plastic. It's a little smaller than a twin: 71 inches long, 32 inches wide but I was in a rush so it can possibly be a traditional sized twin. It is definitely thick enough to be used in lieu of an air mattress but is not collap...
I really didn't count this but I'm thinking at least 100 used thermal paper rolls. They are 3 " but they vary in length due to being used in machines. Pick up in golf mill mall area.
We found this in my gram's china cabinet. We don't think it has been used. There is a hairline crack in the stem on the lid where I super glued it back on. About 8 1/2 to 9 inches in width. Double-handled. I can send additional pics if interested. Pick up near Golf Mill Mall area.
1 package of 20 Prevail Underwear. Size Medium. 34'-46" . New but there is rip in packaging. Pick up near Golf Mill Mall area.
I'm drowning in Goldenrod plants. I have several varieties but I'm too lazy to research and figure it out. These are tall plants about 4-5 feet. Bloom in August and September. Thanks...
Plastic, Pumpkin decoration. Hole in back for electric light. Pick up near Golf Mill Mall. Thanks...
Offer is for a set of china plates along with extra completer pieces. Plates are white with a pink and gray rose pattern and a narrow gold line around the outer rim (see photo). Included are: 10 dinner plates (10-inch diameter) 10 cups and saucers 6 soup or vegetable bowls (7.5-inch diameter) 4 dessert or fruit plates (6-inch diameter) 1 meat platter (about 10.5 x 14 inches) Sugar bowl and crea...
Vacuum suction is very good. Carpet height adjustment is broken. Used in a pet-free and smoke-free home.
Have a solid wood ladder which looks like it s for a bunk bed. Could also be used as decor. See picture.
Have a variety of new & used swimming pool supplies: cover, ladders, filters & cartridges, hoses, assembly parts, etc.
4 yard piece of black, 2 yards of red. some green and smaller pieces. not craft felt squares, this works for sewing, poodle skirts, vests etc.
Amer Std brand whirlpool tub in good working order. Needs a little TLC with some CLR for the rust stains. Incl bronze shower/tub faucet. Already uninstalled. Wood frame incl but not sure if usable. P/U near wolf & palatine rds.